About Me and My Website


I have been a resident of Seattle since 2015. I grew up in the Pacific Northwest, living primarily in Western Washington, but spending time between Montana, Oregon, and anywhere in between. The landscape of our home has found its influence in much of my work from my fiction to the marketing materials I have created in my professional career.

Writing has been a primary focus of mine since I had the ability to pick up a pencil. As a young child, I was hypnotized by fantasy stories and adventures; as I grew older, my love of stories branched into a passion for the art of communication. As I learned about graphic design and marketing, I found my words turning into pictures.

Throughout my education I sought to increase my knowledge of advertising and marketing. In my senior year of college, I participated as an intern for INUS Group LLC learning about the basics of business and how social media, art, and communication effectively collected clients. From there, I applied those skills to event planning for events at my college.  I continued this, working with Windermere Real Estate, doing flyers, postcards and more for the agents in the Shoreline Office.

I continued writing in my spare time, but I would like to transfer it into my career. I’ve established a blog on this website where I post every two weeks. It contains my thoughts about anything from creative processes, news, or anything interesting.

Welcome to my website! Feel free to send me a message or check out some of the freelance work I have done for previous clients.

That’s the thing that always stuck out to me - the idea that quantity becomes quality. I always took it to mean if you do anything enough, if you keep putting effort in, eventually something will happen, with or without you. You don’t have to have faith when you start out, you just have to dedicate yourself to practice as if you have it.
— Lauren Graham, Someday Someday Maybe