Stop Procrastinating! (Or, at least pretend.)

The last couple weeks I’ve been struggling with something. I’ve been in this weird space of being motivated to write my novel, but being too distracted/lazy to start. I am sure it is not an uncommon feeling for most people. The lack of progress made me frustrated. So, I started making promises to myself: I’m going to make time tomorrow, I will definitely dedicate my next day off to writing, or—the biggest lie yet—writing more will be my New Year’s Resolution!

I’ve been doing a New Year’s Resolution every year probably since I was twelve. As I’m sure many people I know do. Here is what I have decided: A New Year’s Resolution is just an excuse to procrastinate.

Now, if some people follow through with their resolution, then great! Keep going! Most I know do not do this. Usually we make the resolution, follow through for a week at most, and then drop it.

About half-way through December, I was planning on losing weight starting the new year. Losing weight has been something I’ve been struggling to do for about three years, but due to lack of restraint and the allure of cheeseburgers I have failed. Finally, I thought to myself: “Wait, why am I waiting?” Truthfully, because I didn’t want to start then. I wanted to have more time to be unhealthy. I think on some level, everyone does this with different situations.

Time to stop that.

We all have changes we want to make. Some flaws are big enough that we actively work to reverse them, but others aren’t as bothersome. It is about what we value more. Obviously there are other complications like mental health, genetics, or what have you. But at the end of the day, everyone has struggles to overcome. It takes strength and determination. The past several weeks, I have been going to the gym as often as I can, eating healthier, and I am making strides towards my goals.

I want to stop the mentality of “I will do it soon.” I want to encourage the idea that “If I don’t do this now, it will never happen.” That’s what I’ve been telling myself when I see some unhealthy food, or think about skipping the gym without a real reason. I want this to apply to my writing as well! I want to write a novel, and finish it! Let’s quit procrastinating, people.