Day 3: Creation and Consumption

Day three, and I’m already immediately distracted and avoiding my writing! Hoo-rah. I just spent the past fifteen minutes looking at YouTube videos (most of which I’ve seen already), instead of committing to writing.

Because of that, I want to talk about creation versus consumption. I love media, in case you haven’t picked that up from my previous posts. I think storytelling, in any medium, is one of the most beautiful things in the world. The ability to create and share stories and experiences is part of the human experience.

Being a writer, I’m constantly torn between consuming as many stories as I can and creating my own. Especially when I’m trying to make something that is unique – the massive amount of stories makes it impossible to make it completely separate, but I also don’t want to be repeating the same thing which often ends up being the case.

Going through college, I learned how to analyze literature. This ability to pick up on patterns, character choices (and inconsistencies), worldbuilding, and even the subtle styles of different writers has permeated everything I experience. Whether it be video games, music, television/movies, or books. One of my favorite examples of this is The Fame and The Fame Monster by Lady Gaga. The first album shares similar tones and address distinct aspects of dealing with the joy of fame from sexual/romantic relationships, money, paparazzi, etc. There are even motifs throughout the songs, and then the second album deals with the darker side of these feelings – relationships in the spotlight, narcissism, truth. It’s a very well-composed set of music.

Consuming is easy, and above all it’s cathartic. I frequently watch YouTube series that analyze movies, and I love to compare my own notes. I don’t have to be an active participant of the world, just an observer. I experience the wonder, the emotions, from a safe perspective (sort of), and then I get to go back and think about whether or not it’s believable.

Creation has, in the past couple years, alluded me. I sit down, and if I just write without thinking I begin to notice the inconsistencies of character, the lack of direction, and more often than not: struggling with how to describe what I see in my head. I play my stories in my mind like a movie, and often it’s difficult to put it into words. Of course, I just need to go back and edit but my perfectionism is like “NO!”

Creating stories in my head I do all the time, it’s just putting it from the mind to the page that I struggle with. Living in the technical age, we are surrounded by a constant feed of media. This makes it even harder, because with two clicks I can be enveloped into a story without having to put in work.

My hope with this writing challenge is that I can knock some of that back, and rediscover the joy of creation. I am going to try and not repeat any topics as well, so this will be a fun challenge.